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NATA News: A Platform earlier designed for members of Nigeria Automobile Technicians Association (NATA) to reach out to the populace and also get feedback; mainly dedicated for the promotion of ethics among the technicians to comply with vehicle manufacturers’ specifications, while fixing faults; get adequate exposure to the World Automotive Industry; improve skill of members to be able to competently fit to work on modern vehicles; and consequentially to benefit vehicle owners in this clime.

But while strictly focusing on the members of this association, there’s Motor Mechanics and Technicians Association of Nigeria (MOMTAN); whose neglect can make whatever progress one gains on NATA an incomplete project.

In-between the two notable vehicle repair associations in Nigeria are numerous Independent Vehicle Repair Workshops; whose owners are yearning to be duly identified with their counterparts in the Nigerian Automotive Industry.

Meanwhile, it is in order to give all stakeholders fair and equal attentions that we rebrand this Platform to: Nigerian Automotive Technicians & Allies (NATA) News.

In this Project, the following are our core partners:

11 Plc (formerly Mobil Oil Nigeria Plc)

Eterna Plc

Beacon Oil Limited

Golden Stone Limited (Distributors of Micking Oil in Nigeria)

Forte Oil Plc

MRS Oil Nigeria Plc

Ammasco International Oil

Nigeria Automobile Technicians Association

Motor Mechanics and Technicians Association of Nigeria

National Union of Road Transport Workers

Road Transport Employers Association of Nigeria

Federal Road Safety Commission

State Governments Traffic Regulatory Agencies/Authorities

About the Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

“To behold a country where her citizens are no more thrown into needless mourning of loved ones lost through vehicle crashes” was the vision that propelled him to establish Automobiles And Road Safety Initiative; haven closely watched the average Nigerian Technician carrying-out his duty of fixing faults on vehicles for some period of time and discovered that the Mechanic was not engaging in best practices; thereby making him to take up the challenge of: “Promotion of standard work ethics among auto repair technicians; to comply with auto manufacturers’ specifications.”

And since the year 2013 when he set-up the Non-Governmental Organisation, Samuel Oloyede Oriowo, the Ikeji-Ile Ijesa, Osun State born Journalist has not looked back in organizing series of Road Safety related Seminars, Workshops, Campaigns as well as Advocacy to preach the gospel of safety on the roads and road safety to core stakeholders.

He has done these diligently and severally in Lagos State; which is his base; and has taken the same to Ibadan, the Oyo State capital (Nigeria) in September 2015 where he had more than 5,000 members of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) at the Adamasingba Stadium as participants.

On November 1, 2018 he stormed Osogbo, Osun State capital with his safety gospel and had one of his best days; which had been a source of encouragement to him to slate same program for Benin City, Edo State on Thursday 7th February, 2019; Akure, Ondo State capital on Thursday 23rd May, 2019; while still slating more of such for others states in the months and years ahead.  

Born decades ago, Samuel Oloyede Oriowo who worked with Nigeria Television Authority (Channel 10, Lagos) between August 1981 and November, 1985 attended Saint Jude’s Anglican Primary School, Ikeji-Ile Ijesa; L. A. Secondary Modern School, Ipetu-Ijesa and Ikeji-Ile High School, Ikeji-Ile Ijesa.

As a matter of principle and practice, the Nigeria Institute of Journalism trained publisher of NATA News magazine adheres strictly to the Motto of his secondary school; which is: Utmost for the Highest!

NATA News Services:

· We publish News-magazine for stakeholders in Nigerian Automotive Industry.

· We organize Safety Awareness Seminars for Nigerian Vehicle Repair Technicians in partnership with Automobiles And Road Safety Initiative; an NGO established in year 2013 with the Consent of Federal Road Safety Commission.

· We organize Re-training Workshops for Nigerian Vehicle Repair Technicians.


NATA News (Magazine), NATA News on Radio, NATA News on TV & NATA News Online


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