Counting the Costs!


Thursday 28th day of June, 2018 was a black day in Lagos; the commercial nerve center of Nigeria as a truck laden with 33,000 liters of petroleum product tumbled and spilled its content on the ever busy Lagos-Ibadan expressway by Otedola Estate Bridge at about 5:30pm; instantaneously catching fire and consumed about 54 vehicles, over hundred innocent souls and hundreds of millions Naira worth properties.

From various on-the-spot reports of the unfortunate accident; reasons for the disaster were as varied as it came.

Some attributed the incident to break failure, while others said the truck driver was avoiding an impatient Danfo (Commercial Bus) Driver who carelessly swerved suddenly unto its lane after picking a passenger.

As its Nigerian, the exact remote cause of the accident may never be known.

However, while many vehicle owners who were fortunate to escape from the inferno that ensued, lost their vehicles and its contents to the resultant fire are now counting their loss in millions, can lives be quantify; monetary-wise?

Many families across the country are quietly gnashing their teeth having lost their properties, loved ones, bread winners, acquaintances, admirers, neighbours, mentors, role models, benefactors, co-worker, union-members; and what have you; without Government at various levels having anything to provide them as a form of soothing balm.

Here at NATA News, we commiserate with the Government and people of Nigeria on the avoidable ‘Road Rage’ which unfortunately has somehow increased the number of victims of bloodshed in Nigeria; as many innocent souls are being hacked down in some states of the country.

It’s so sad!

May God grant the departed souls eternal rest and families of the victims; the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss!



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