I prefer my works to speak for me


It was exceptionally difficult to get the name Automobiles And Road Safety Initiative incorporated at the Corporate Affairs Commission in the years 2012/2013 without the Consent of the Federal Road Safety Commission.

I was severally advised to change the name; not to reflect “Road Safety” so as to make the incorporation process simple, but I was bent on using that name or nothing else.

I sent a letter to the Commission in Abuja requesting for its Consent, but the letter got lost in transit. Thereafter, I spoke with then FRSC Lagos Sector Commander, Corps Commander Charles Akpabio who instantly became interested in the project.

And for a period of time, I turned his palatial office at Ojodu, Lagos to my office; resuming on daily basis there ‘disturbing’ him and also appealing to him to personally help me deliver another letter to the Corps Marshal/CEO in Abuja, FCT.

However, since the Consent was granted and our NGO: Automobiles And Road Safety Initiative incorporated, I have not entered the Sector Commander’s office. I only intimated whoever occupies the post with our programmes through correspondences and to God be the glory; FRSC Lagos Sector Command’s participation in our programmes are encouraging. 

However, it was most pleasant meeting the current FRSC, Lagos Sector Commander, Corps Commander Hyginus Omeje on Wednesday 16th day of May, 2018 in his office as the mere mention of my name aroused his interest; while instantly confessing that my works had gone ahead to reveal whom I was before stepping into his office.

That also made me recollect a friend who opined that very many NGO executives who haven’t performed one quarter of what I had achieved in that sector would have been running round the media houses looking for editorial mention; which in all sincerity, I detest, but prefer my works to speak for me.

May I conclude this piece with the extension of my sincere appreciation to Corps Commander Hyginus Omeje and his able lieutenants for their usual support and prompt attendance of our NGO programmes.

Higher you we pray!



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