NATA News: The Joy Of Holding A Copy


It is believed in some quarters that the euphoria of holding a hard copy of any of the Traditional News Media; Newspapers, Magazinesand Periodical Journals is vastly waning; as the Traditional News Media is yielding ground for the spread of the Social Media; which the advent of hand-held communication devises have come to popularise.

Now, we have all sorts of News Portals on the World-Wide-Web dishing out whatever pleases their fancy; not minding ethics; and unmindful of the sensibilities of whosoever the promoters thereof offended.

The Social Media had suddenly turned every owner of a high-grade hand-set (phone) into emergency Journalist; who can at convenient; gather news as it breaks out within his/her surroundings (make audio/video recording); without filtration (editing) and with whatever manner of language; either couth or otherwise; and release (upload/broadcast) same to the world at will; thanks to availability of cheap data.

However, the place of the Trained Journalist can never be taken away; either when his/her News Medium is hoisted on the World-Wide-Web, or still functioning as traditionally established; as the various Segments of News Gathering, Copy Writing,

; Editing, Production (placement/uploading unto the ; internet) and eventual Release of printed copies into the markets are rigidly followed; mindful of the i ethics of the profession.

I And the fact that the Traditional ; Media is not short-lived as the j Broadcast/Social Media which ; cannot be preserved (on the reading ! tables) and re-possessed for the j interested person to take a second look at its content/context; this and : many more arc the reasons why the Traditional Media will continue to attract wider patronage of Readers and Advertisers.

These reasons too propelled the Publishers of yourfavourite, | refreshing news medium, NATA j News to once more release unto you a hard-copy of the Magazine; taking into consideration the fact that your joy of holding a copy on monthly basis has no limit; for it has come determined more than ever before to inform, entertain and educate you on those things that will induce you to improve on your skill and make J you continue to be relevant in the Nigerian Automotive j Repair/Maintenance Sector.

Meanwhile, the Editorial Team through this medium wishes to appreciate the commendable support of the various Advertisers who though partaking in the lean times, but still generously assisted in kick-starting the re-release of NATA News to NATA members across the 36 State Councils and the FCT; as well as to interested Stakeholders.

We know that to whom much is given, much is expected. We assure you all that we will always make you proud of our feats and spread.

Remain ever blessed!


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