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Difficult, but we had to let go for Tosin!

Recollect that I travelled from my base in Lagos to the land of my birth (Ikeji-Ile Ijesa) for an event when she was due for delivery by my heavily pregnant wife.

All along while there, I was not too happy leaving behind a not too experienced pregnant wife; not so as our first born, my own Stephen Potential Oriowo was also too ‘small’ to know what to do in case mother needed a helping hand.

My late, ever caring mother (Madam Rachael Orejoke Oriowo) however noticed my dismal countenance and enquired what the matter was. I informed her that my wife was due for delivery and that I wasn’t so happy been hundreds of kilometres away from her.

My mother’s face brightened up with joy in her heart as she smiled; and with faith as of old; she assured me that I would meet a bouncing baby at home by the time I returned to Lagos. 

With the assurance, I picked up myself and cheered up! 

On returning to Lagos however, I met a so skinny, beautiful baby girl; lovingly being cuddled by my wife and I jumped for joy.

On the eight day of her birth as the custom demands in this clime, we named her, Adesola Olufoyeke Abidemi Oriowo and later christened her, Margaret (Magret). 

In our bid to increase the number of the family however, she happens to be the only female of the 4 off-springs the Lord blesses us with.

Though there hasn’t been special preferential treatment for her in the way we raised them, but being the only lady, anybody could imagine the type of love the whole family have for her.

Now, see somebody coming-in to request to take responsibility of her up-keep and to jointly with her too; raise yet an extended family!

How do you just consent to allow the only lady in the House to go out of your control and watchful eyes? 

It’s difficult, yet we had to let go for Tosin Opeyemi Adeyemo to fulfil the scripture and to return all glory to Almighty God, who blessed me with her mother, Mrs. Victoria Oyeyemi Oriowo, for whom I shuttled between Lagos and Zaria (Kaduna State) severally before she consented to be my own bone of bone and flesh of flesh.

In all these, I give thanks to God for this is happening before our very eyes! 

….Thoughts on Daughter’s Wedding by Samuel Oloyede Oriowo (Editor-in-Chief) +237083808902


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