Rekindling the promotional commitment


The face of the World Automotive Industry keeps changing all the time. So also is the face of Nigeria Automotive Repair Sector which in the not distant past was populated by barely literate technicians.

Today, the sector can boast of well ‘baked’ graduates from varied levels of tertiary institutions and training centers of note; even those whose background were in other disciplines different from automobiles are now doing verily well in the sector.

Notwithstanding however, practitioners in the sector still need to be exposed to latest development in the World Automotive Industry, the available opportunities; both internationally and locally; and the need for serious practitioners to keep upgrading to be relevant and be able to match the trend in modern vehicles repairs.

The reasons for taken up this onerous task of informing, educating and entertaining (in lighter moods) the numerous members of Nigeria Automobile Technicians Association (NATA) haven’t changed.

What had however changed are the dimensions of approach as NATA News now is on the world-wide-web (, on Facebook, WhatsApp, Radio &Television.

And the traditional hard-copy is now repackaged to reach all NATA members throughout the country monthly via the NATA National Secretariat located in Abuja, Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory; while copies will also be made available to interested Nigerian Automotive Industry Stakeholders; through subscription.

NATA News, I am humbled to inform you will feature many Columnists and Guest Writers; who will make every copy of the now refreshing magazine a herculean task in shoving-aside when a copy reaches you. 

This edition however features Oluwafemi Esan.

‘Femi Esan holds a HND (Mech. Eng.) Master TM (LAUTECH),  MBA (Management); Master Technician TEAM 21 Toyota Japan 1995. 

He was Coordinator of: The First Best Service Delivery Award; for: Toyota Dealers R.T. Briscoe 2005; Coordinator of the First Toyota TSM Certified Service Management Process (Global Standard). (first in West Africa & fourth in Africa 2006 – 2007).

He was once Service Manager, Allens Motors (A Division of John Holt); Manager Service Technical & Research of Volkswagen of Nigeria; Deputy Dealership Manager of Volkswagen of Nigeria; National After-sales Manager; Service R. T. Briscoe Nigeria Plc.; Consultant and Trainer for UNICEF Logistics Staff and now Managing Consultant of African Business & Engineering Management Limited.

From the next edition however, Kevin Ogbondah Emesiobi will come on board to impact you positively on those things you need to know, to be proud that you are indeed an auto technician.

Kevin Ogbondah Emesiobi is the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) Automaton on Wheels, CEO Subsystem Global Concepts and Technical Partner to CARST Limited. He is a Professional Automobile Mechanic with an in-depth knowledge of automobile functional principles; with over 12 years experience in Automobile Diagnostics, Services and Repairs.

He runs two Automobile Workshops & Training Facilities in Lagos where he has empowered over 20 young and enterprising youths through systematic automobile training. He is passionate about empowering youths and runs an annual summer booth camp session where he engages children within the ages of 8 – 16, who are fascinated about automobile to appreciate the principles in automobile functionality.

He is a graduate of Electrical/Electronic Engineering from the University of Benin and happily married with four (4) Children. 

Till we come your way next month, remain ever blessed!



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