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Stop repairing vehicles in owner’s house

…implores Comrade Fayeun

A piece of advice has gone out to various auto technicians fond of repairing vehicles in the owner’s house to desist from such act henceforth.

“Apart from the fact that such auto technician might not have access to all the tools he mostly needed for the repairs, there are other dangers surrounding such acts,” revealed Comrade Asiwaju Jacob Omonide Fayeun.

Comrade Fayeun, who is the Chairman, Nigeria Automobile Technicians Association, Lagos State Chapter strongly believes that: “Firstly, the technician’s contact to other vehicle owners who may be bringing their faulty vehicles to his workshop is restricted due to his absence from the workshop. And if this persists, he tends to lose customers.”

Comrade Fayeun

“If a vehicle under repairs catches fire, it is always difficult to fight such fire incident because of the fact that it’s only the technician that is working alone on the vehicle. If such happens in the workshop, other technicians around would be of greater assistance in fighting the fire,” he noted.

He regretted that: “There have been cases of vehicles worked on in the owners’ houses in the past that were later stolen. The first suspects in such cases were the technicians that worked on the vehicles and their apprentices that accompanied them there.”

“When the Police are called-in to unravel the incident, arrest of technicians who were the first suspects was usually effected.”

“And for arrested technician to prove his innocence or otherwise usually cost a fortune in terms of time wasted and money spent,” he revealed.

He advises that: “It is therefore advisable for auto repair/maintenance technicians to insist that vehicle owners should bring their vehicles to the workshops for repair,” noting that: “Advantages of working on vehicles in designated workshops are numerous” as according to him “the technician will have access to all his tools and consultation with other technicians around whenever a task proves to be herculean; would be made easier.”

He reiterated that: “The association’s designed Log-Book will be effectively put to use in the workshop to register any vehicle brought in for repair. And should in-case the vehicle is a stolen one; the technician will be exonerated as soon as the Police have details of whoever ordered work on the vehicle.”

Comrade Fayeun believes that: “Should anything untoward happen to any vehicle under his care, the technician can easily fall back on his Insurance for succor.” 




  1. The State Chairman Asiwaju Omonide Fayeun has said it all. Whoever works @ vehicle owners house is @ risk of losing more customer that will be parading his workshop.


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