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The first car, the Benz Patent Motor Car produced over 131 years ago, looks almost nothing like cars of today, from the outside right down to the (single-cylinder four-stroke) engine:

1890-1899 | Stanley Runabout | 35 mph (56 km/h)
1904 Cadillac Model ‘A’









Cars have, of course, been changing ever since.

More and more industry insiders believe driverless vehicles are in our future (and companies from Google to General Motors are working feverishly to make it happen).

The connected cars of our present already have incredibly smart active safety features and they have already the ability to communicate both with each other and with their manufacturers.

But what of the auto mechanic?

Cars are becoming more and more technologically advanced and Traditional Combustion

Engines continue to be phased out in favor of energy-efficient power sources.

So what will become of a profession that – just a generation ago – prided itself on working directly with the mechanics and electronics of cars and trucks?

We explore the biggest questions facing today’s auto mechanic.

What will Automotive Repair Industry be like in the Future?

  1. Alternative fuels:

As Petrol gets more and more expensive you are more likely to work with vehicles that use alternative fuels. Try and find out as much about what alternative fuels are being used and are going to be used in the futures so that you will be on track with your job. It is good to understand the full impact on the various parts of an engine and to understand what modifications a vehicle requires in order to use an alternative fuel.

  1. Electric or other vehicles that do not use fuels:

More and more people may start using electric vehicles. Keep up to date with advances in vehicles that do not use fuels as they may be the future. Hybrids are just a step in between current fuel- based cars and electric cars. Experience with electric cars will be a definite Plus in just a few years.

  1. Highly computerised

Vehicles are becoming more and more computerised. In the future it will most likely not be possible to repair a vehicle if you do not understand how to work with computers. You will also have the need to be familiar with the different computer applications that separate each vendor from each other. Being highly skilled will a) keep you employed and b) will help to earn a good income.

  1. Repairing equipment highly specialized

The days where a mechanic simply had tools in a toolbox are in the past. The modern day workshop contains all kinds of expensive analysis and repair machinery. Good colleges will prepare you by training you on how to use all the latest machinery. Ensure that you do not take on training with an institution that has • outdated equipment.

  1. Economising

The worldwide downswing of the economy has meant that more and more trends are leaning towards economising. Not only are we trying to be better to our environment but we also want to try and save money. Knowledge on every trend that will make vehicles more efficient will in the future make a mechanic more popular. Economising does not end with fuels it also includes reducing wear and tear. The movement is to recycling, reusing (where safe and where possible) and refurbishing of parts.

  1. Safety

Motor vehicles did not initially even have seatbelts. Since vehicles have become faster and with more vehicles on the road the chances of collisions are so much greater it is necessary for a mechanic to understand vehicle safety and what future trends will be. Keep abreast with the trends and make sure you know how to work with the latest breaks, airbags, seatbelts, etc.

  1. Automation

In the future with every new development more and more mechanical functions will be automated with machinery, it seems more and more likely that the mechanic will be operating the machinery more and doing much less physical labour. Robotic machinery will make the work a lot less physically demanding. I predict that the future mechanic will have to be smarter and not stronger.

Conclusion: While the threat of being replaced by automation and robots is fairly small, other changes will definitely affect this profession. Electric cars and hybrids are a major piece of how the future looks like for auto mechanics. Replacing tires on a car is low-level work. Tuning and maintaining an electric vehicle could be a definite plus when specializing in this business. Think ahead a little bit and make sure to stay on your toes to not be left behind.

Mechanics needs to start collaborating with each other and seize the opportunities for members to exchange ideas, have meaningful discursion on Vehicle Maintenance and Repairs, New Technology, among others.

There are needs for training and re-training every time.

Presently, there is plan to bring training to the Panel Beaters, Spray Painters because of Water Paints and A/C Technicians. The Repairs Industry is evolving world-wide, we cannot be left behind.

Try to invest in Tools and Equipment to make your job easier!

By: Abiodun Osokoya (Fix Factor Automobiles Services) 08032516258


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