Whatever we sow, we shall reap


The Federal Road Safety Corps is a major stakeholder on issues of safety on our roads, as a result of this; I count it a great privilege to be invited to give a keynote address at this important occasion of the assemblage of respectable Nigeria Automobile Technicians Association, Lagos State Chapter.

The Theme of this year’s program “DEVELOPING THE FUTURE OF AUTOMOBILE REPAIR INDUSTRY “is very crucial; more so when you come to think of the noble roles that your association is capable of playing in the areas of Road Traffic Crash prevention and that is also in consonance with your Motto: “KEEPING NIGERIA MOVING ON SAFE WHEELS”.

Road Crashes have resulted in more needless waste of lives and property than major communicable diseases and sundry ailments put together. Researches conducted on Road Traffic Crashes have shown that there are three major contributing factors to these crashes, namely:

  1. Human
  2. Mechanical
  3. Environmental

Human Factor constitutes about 85 percent of Road Traffic Crashes while Mechanical and Environmental factors cause 15 percent of crashes.

Out of the percentage caused by human factors, drivers’ actions or inactions account for about 80 percent.

Environmental factor has to do with Road Condition and other environmental elements that could cause crashes.

Mechanical Factors:

Poor maintenance of vehicles may lead to crashes while the vehicle is in motion. Such poor maintenance culture may lead to stoppage of the vehicle or development of other faults that affect the control of the vehicle or development of other faults that affect the control of the vehicle. And this is where your Association needs to play a leading role at Road Traffic Crashes Prevention.

As Automobile Technicians, you are to inspect, maintain, and repair electrical, gas, hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles. You need to discuss automotive problems along with options to fix them for your customers.

The Success of your businesses depend on repeat clients ie customers coming for your services therefore, you must always be courteous, a good listener, and ready to answer customers questions.

In addition, you should be able to diligently do the followings:

  1. Test parts and systems to ensure they are working properly.
  2. Identify Mechanical problems
  3. Examine critical parts
  4. Test and lubricate the vehicle’s engine and other major components
  5. Repair or replace worn parts, such as brake’s pads, and wheel bearings
  6. Disassembles and reassemble parts
  7. Use testing equipment’s to ensure that repairs and maintenance are effective
  8. Explain to clients, their automotive problems and the repairs done on their Vehicles.
  9. Avoid use of fake spare parts
  10. Ensure standards in vehicle maintenance and repairs

Conclusively, the Association needs to device a method of evaluating members in their practices; have a code of conduct and ethics for the profession in addition to sanctioning erring members for professional misconduct and sharp practices.

Customers’ needs to have a means of reporting poor job handlings to the association with a view to getting justice and protection from fake Automobile Technicians, and in like manner, the Association should be strong enough to protect its members from being cheated by customers.

More importantly, as Automobile Technician, you have a vital role to play at eliminating the Mechanical Factor that causes Road Traffic Crashes by doing your work with high dedication, commitment, and the fear of God, knowing that whatever we sow, we shall reap.

A keynote address by the Lagos State Sector Commander of Federal Road Safety Corps (RS2.1) Corps Commander Hyginus Omeje at the Nigeria Automobile Technicians Association Exhibition held at the National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos between 15th and 16th November, 2017


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