Bonnyway Motors launches 5 all new Mercedes-Benz G7 Paradiso


Bonnyway Motors; which boasts of over 50 Mercedes-Benz Marcopolo coaches in its fleet; is one of the leading Transport Companies in Nigeria, covering many routes of the four geopolitical zones with the best comfortability one can get elsewhere.

Speaking at the launch of the all new Mercedes Benz Marcopolo G7 Paradiso, the Chairman/CEO, Bonnyway Motors, Chief Boniface Nwachukwu; said that he loved the Mercedes Benz Marcopolo Coaches and that was why he kept patronizing them since inception “because of the availability of spare parts and easy to maintain if you really know what you are doing.”

He said that the secret behind his success in Transport Business was that, he kept and maintained good, trained and experienced drivers; and that he was steady on maintenance, “because no passenger would want discomfort on transit especially in the longer distance routes that I cover.”

The chairman advised the government to look inwardly on the issue of auto financing, stating that, “many people wish to have the buses, but do not have the financial strength to acquire one; (and) that is why we the operators need something to be done in the area of funding, because meeting with the maintenance obligations of the coaches alone is a huge amount that most people cannot meet up with.”

Chairman/CEO, Bonnyway Motors, Chief Boniface Nwachukwu

He advised that “small buses should stop carrying people for longer journey, because it has caused more harm than good.” “It will be hard to hear that a coach had an accident on routes but almost every day, you hear of one fatal accident involving the Hummer Buses due to over speeding.”

He opined that: “There is no way you can buy a small bus for long distance transport that you will not repair it 3 to 5 times within a year, but the case is not like that with the coaches, like the G7 Paradiso that you can use for a year without any repair which will in-turn give you your coverage for your money within that short period.”

Meanwhile, Weststar Associates Limited, Authorized General Distributors of Mercedes Benz Vehicles in Nigeria has delivered the first batch of the all new Mercedes-Benz Marcopolo G7 Paradiso Coach to Bonnyway Motors Nigeria Limited.

The Managing Director of Weststar Associates Limited, Mr. Mirko Plath said: “On behalf of the entire Weststar and Auto-Alternative Team, we wish Chief Boniface continued success with his bus operations.” “We are very glad to be part of your success story in Nigeria,” he enthused.

Story by: Cliffsimeon Akalonu


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