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NATA; also means: Nigerian Automotive Technicians & Allies

…Says Samuel Oloyede Oriowo, NATA News Editor-in-Chief

NATA News: What is the main Objective of NATA News?

Basically NATA News is meant to serve the generality of members of Nigeria Automobile Technicians Association as a mouth-piece; through which they can reach the governments and the motoring Nigerians and through which feedback can also be relayed back to the association.

Very importantly too, it is meant to serve as a platform to inform as well as educate the vehicle repair technicians; mostly about the latest developments in the World Automotive Industry so that they can also upgrade their skills and acquire necessary technical-know-how to be able to fit-in as competent mechanics that can confidently work on these latest wonders on wheels; call cars.

Constantly however, we are using the magazine to drum it into the technicians’ ears that they have no choice, but to fix faults according to vehicle manufacturers’ specifications; in order not to cause incidents for the drivers and or the car owner along the roads.

NATA News: Now, has that Objective you set out for been realized?

Yes of course to a very large extent.

You know most of these mechanics learnt the art of vehicle repairs from Masters who were barely literate.

Fortunately now, we have new crop of educated technicians out there who are yearning to know much more about the latest developments in the industry and who are striving hard to prove their worth.

Also, we have Technical Training Institutes all over the places now too, training and re-training Nigerian Mechanics.

NATA News: So you are satisfied with this?

Not at all!

Apart from members of Nigeria Automobile Technicians Association; widely referred to here as NATA, we have another big faction too called Motor Mechanics and Technicians Association of Nigeria (MOMTAN).

We have discovered that if we impact deeply on NATA members and continually leave those of MOMTAN out, what we are out to achieve may not be appreciated after-all.

Also, outside of NATA and MOMTAN are very many independent Vehicle Repair Shops scattered all over the country.

They want to be identified with their counterparts in either NATA of MOMTAN; but for obvious reasons.

And mind you there are other government recognized associations having one thing or the other to do with vehicles.

NATA News: Implying that…??

Implying that we have to extend the focus of the Magazines and other platforms of ours to them too.

NATA News: So, what are you coming up with to realise this new aim?

We have repacked and rebranded the hard-copy of NATA News.

We have popularized NATA News; and we cannot afford to change the name at this juncture.

But how do we make the name acceptable to all stakeholders in the Nigerian Automotive Industry?

We have re-coined the acronym NATA to now mean: Nigerian Automotive Technicians & Allies; and we sincerely hope this is acceptable to all stakeholders in the Industry.

NATA News: What an innovative idea?

The ultimate goal is safety of vehicle owners, their families and goods as well as the lives of the commercial drivers on the roads; that of their passengers and even the pedestrian after each round of vehicle service or maintenance checks.

NATA News: That brings me to the issue of safety on the roads. How much are you concerned here?

Well, we have a sister Organisation: Automobiles And Road Safety Initiative.

It is a Non-Governmental Organisation of which I am privileged to be the Initiator and currently; the President.

Its Board of Trustees was established in year 2013 with the Consent of Federal Road Safety Commission.

And since then, we have organized various Road Safety related events mainly in Lagos State.

But we have since last year taken the programmes to Osogbo (Osun State) on Thursday 1st November, 2018.

Also in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria same was replicated.

This year, we’ll still be going to 2 or 3 States more with the Seminars.

NATA News: This is indeed commendable!

Yes! But we have to commend the support of our Sponsors in this regard; the Board of Directors, Managements and Staff of 11 Plc (formerly Mobil Oil Nigeria), and Eterna Plc (franchise owners of Castrol Oil in Nigeria) and the numerous participants that troupe to our programmes across the states.

Interview conducted by: Julius Olasunkanmi Adegunna (Publisher, PTL News)




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