We will continue to work even closer with NATA


It is a privilege to be here with you once again today.

NATA and Mobil have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship for many years and our presence here today is a sign that the relationship is not only still strong and alive, but will continue to grow stronger and closer as time goes on.

I can proudly say that in the last 13 years we have supported over 100,000 (112, 000 exactly) NATA members across Nigeria through technical training.

Last year alone we trained over 8,000 NATA members.

We have also stood side by side with you on important occasions that concern NATA from sponsoring events such as the NEC (National Executive Council), CWC Meetings, NATA Week, several NATA programs in different states and Safety Awareness Initiatives similar to today’ s gathering.

As you are aware, the company ownership changed recently and this has made us even stronger as huge investments have been made in the business especially in our blending plant and laboratory. We have improved capacity which will ensure our products wil1 always be available to you at all times and you can be assured of continuous product quality at all times.

To further improve product quality and ensure people continue to get the value for their money, we are also making plans to improve our small packs.

Last year, the company ran its first major promo in several years. We travelled round the country along with NATA members to bring the promo to NATA members. I can confidently say that most of the winners across the country were NATA members as you are the main users of our lubricants.

2019 will not be any different as we have an even bigger promo coming up and we encourage you to take part and reap the benefits of your years of using Mobil lubricants.

In 2019; we will continue to work even closer with NATA, our Mobil Mechanic Training will take on a new form as we plan to go beyond Technical Training, we will include training that will help you improve your business, improve your technical knowledge, improve your safety at work, that would translate to more money for you on your job. We also plan to give out coveralls, tool boxes and diagnosing equipment during the training, and deliver training on how to use the equipment.
We also plan to start a radio program with NATA in some states. Finally we plan to deploy Mobil kiosks within the major Mechanics Villages to make it easier to get our products. These are just a few of the plans amongst several we have for NATA in 2019, many more to come.

I’ ld like to thank NATA as a whole for your support and we will continue to work together as partners in business.




Speech by the Managing Director/CEO of 11 Plc (formally Mobil Oil Nigeria) at the NATA News Road Safety Awareness Seminar & Usage of Genuine Engine Oil Advocacy for NATA Edo State Chapter members on Thursday 7th February, 2019 organised by Automobiles And Road safety Initiative


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