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Acceptance of Ammasco Lubricants by NATA

One man’s prank; led to the acceptance of Ammasco International Limited’s Lubricants.

This was revealed by no other person, but Comrade Magaji Muhammad Sani, NATA National President on whose shoulders the duty to formally launch Ammasco’s Premier Products fell during the well-attended introduction at Nera Hotels & Suites in Abuja, FCT recently.

Tracing the history of Ammasco lubricants by NATA, the well nurtured, humble, ever smiling NATA National President recalled his pain-staking challenges with an old Honda car he was using at a time.

He said he had to clean the plugs of the car before coming to resume in his workshop every day and had to repeat same after closing and before he could get home with the aid of the car.

He said he assumed the car’s engine was due for change and that he had no money to buy another engine, but confided in Comrade Musa Yahaya who was his Secretary as NATA, Kano State Chapter Chairman; while also doubling as NATA, North West Region’s Vice President that he would buy one of Ammasco’s engine oils, use it to service the car’s engine and got it knocked.

After the car’s engine might have got knocked, he planned to go and inform Ammasco that the company’s oil got his car engine knocked.

According to him, he carried out the plan. He bought Ammasco Oil; serviced the old Honda car with it and patiently waited for days for the car’s engine to get knocked. But that surprisingly, it didn’t!

He revealed that Comrade Musa Yahaya enquired from him several times if the car’s engine had knocked so that he could accompany him to Ammasco to demand a replacement of his car’s engine, but that he told him that instead of the engine to knock, it got improved and that his cleaning of the car’s plugs before going to work and same before coming back home on daily basis reduced tremendously to once in a week.

This exciting performance of Ammasco Oil, he said that he brought to the notice of Alhaji Abass Kote, the then NATA National President, who also was instantly interested in finding out too.

And after having convinced of the high quality and effective performance of Ammasco Oils, Alhaji Abass Kote accepted the Ammasco Oil as NATA’s.

Comrade Magaji Muhammad Sani paid a glowing tribute to the foresight of Alhaji Abass Kote and thanked him for accepting Ammasco Oil as NATA Oil.

Enthusiastically however, this revelation earned both Alhaji Abass Kote (Chairman, Board of Trustees of NATA) and Comrade Magaji Muhammad Sani a standing ovation.



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