It is time for NATA to use its huge strength as power!


… Says Comrade Adebayo Jimoh

Comrade Adebayo Jimoh Kolawole, the Chief Host of NATA CWC/NECA, who is also the NATA Vice President for South-West Zone called on the NATA leadership to rise up and exploit its large membership strength and deplore it as power.

In his welcome address at the NATA CWC/NEC, he wondered why some lubricating engine oil producers are not recognizing NATA as partners and the end users of their oil products.

He declared that: “Automotive Engine Oil is never used by Carpenters, Plumbers, House-Painters, Fashion Designers and Bricklayers, but by Vehicle Repair Technicians, which NATA is known to constitute throughout the country.”

“Therefore, I don’t see any reason whereby vehicle owners would buy Engine Oils on the shelves and just bring it to us to use for them in our workshops without such Engine Oil producers and or representatives in the country giving us adequate recognition,” he said..

According to him: “I wish to use this forum to call on all genuine engine oil producers and representatives in the country to as a matter of urgency, register with our organisation, NATA before the year runs out and start to lift the association; both in kind and in cash; or else, NATA should instruct its members nationwide to stop using such oils that the proprietors fail to recognize us.”

He vehemently declared that: “It is time for NATA to use its huge strength as power!”


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