Let’s maintain discipline in NATA – Comrade Jacob Fayeun

Comrade Asiwaju Jacob Omonide Fayeun

Comrade Asiwaju Jacob Omonide Fayeun, the ebullient Chairman, NATA Lagos State Chapter urged the leadership of NATA at all levels of its hierarchy to embrace discipline; which he opined was not adequate in NATA.

He wondered why some members of the association, especially those from the South East should take the National Body of NATA to court and enjoy allowing the suit to ‘stay-put’ for close to 10 years; if not the act of indiscipline.

He enjoined all members of the association to come together to move NATA up saying: “I want all of us to believe that it is God that makes someone a king, If God does not support someone to be in a position it will not be possible.”

He continued: “I advise our comrades from Eastern part of the country to desist from going to court in any aspect of dispute in the Association.”

Comrade Fayeun noted in his prepared welcome address as Chief Host to NATA CWC/NEC Meetings held in Lagos State, Nigeria between Wednesday 26th and Friday 28th September, 2018 that: “Members behaved anyhow; discipline needs to be emphasized in our Constitution. It is indiscipline that made members to drag the Association to court at random; which is not supposed to be.”

Comrade Fayeun also used the opportunity of the events to implore the leadership of the association to entrench a cause in NATA Constitution barring any member that cannot read and write from becoming members of the Executives of the association at all levels of its administration.

He called for the zoning of NATA offices especially the National posts to forestall marginalization of any zone from producing its officials; especially the post of its President.

He emphasized that: “Also, no member should be allowed to stay on a position for more than eight years. The era of someone staying as Life State Chairman should be stopped.”

He noted that some state chapters are in default to the National Secretariat in remitting their Monthly Dues. He said that: “Some States in the Association have good relationship and opportunity with their State Governors. Their Governors gave them millions of Naira and still some of them don’t pay National Dues. They are just being selfish and self centered.”

He noted that: “Despite the fact that we in Lagos do not have the opportunity to meet or get funds from our Governor, we still faithfully pay up our dues to the national.”

Worried that NATA has no data base it can refer to; to know its membership strength, Comrade Fayeun strongly advised the leadership of NATA at all the State Chapters as well as at the national level to take data base seriously, saying, “We must all have our data bases in each state and also at the National level.”

In the same vein, he urged all members in the State Chapters to embrace Insurance Policies.

Concluding the lengthy address, Comrade Asiwaju Jacob Omonide Fayeun urged NATA National Secretariat to expedite actions and find means to build a permanent secretariat for the association


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