The issue of lack of money to run this Association is becoming more worrisome!

Comrade Magaji Muhammad Sani (NATA National President)

I am very happy today to stand before you our Registered and Elected Trustees, CWC/NEC Members of our great Association (NATA) to address you as the duly elected National President of our Noble Association.

The National Delegates Conference has come and gone as such I will like to use this medium to inform everybody here present that as a way of mending fences I have in consultation with the National General Secretary invited all those who couldn’t make it at the election to the Ammsaco Iternational Oil Limited’s Programme that we had in FCT Abuja sometimes in April this year.

Therefore I wish to use this medium to call on our Vice Presidents and National Assistant Secretaries to reciprocate same in their zones in the spirit of brotherhood.

Today marks nine months after our National Delegates Conference as such, I wish to use this medium to commend the National Electoral Committee members for a job well done.

It will go into history your sincere commitments in putting NATA on the map of Associations’ that exercise internal Democracy. Accept my sincere appreciation on behalf of all the elected officers of our great Association. While your selfless service will continue to remain fresh in our memories, I commend most sincerely your sacrifices before and during the election.

As we are all aware that few weeks after the election, we lost one of the Electoral Committee Members in person of Comrade Abubakar Garba. He was until his death the Chairman of NATA Kebbi State Council. May his soul rest in perfect peace! Amin!!

My fellow NEC Members, our respected Trustees; the issue of lack of money to run this our Association is becoming more worrisome by the day therefore, the Secretariat has come up with an idea of deducting Ten to Twenty Naira daily from all our members’ Phone Recharges on daily basis. This I want us to deliberate upon in order to reach conclusive end, because enough is enough.

You may recall during my last campaign in Benin City, Edo State, I promised that, we shall all build NATA together as such, I challenge all of us to uphold the constitution of NATA to the letter in the day to day running of our great Association.

In our readiness to reposition NATA we must exercise high sense of intellect in the review of the NATA Constitution which we started in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria so that, after the review our Constitution can stand the test of time.

Fellow NEC Members, our highly respected Trustees; as you are all aware, we are yet to have our permanent secretariat as such, the secretariat has engaged the services of a consultant who is saddled with the responsibility of securing us a land in Abuja were we shall build our permanent secretariat. As we are all aware, we have three (3) plots of lands in Kubwa, but it is not large enough to build a befitting secretariat. So we need your prayers towards this regards.

In our quest to broaden the scope of partnerships with other companies who are relevant to our Association, we have invited Pal Pensions, Police Public Enlightenment Programme, Apricot Investment Limited, University of Ibadan and Non-Stop African Entertainment Limited who shall be talking to us today on how they can impact positively on our Association.

My fellow Comrades in order for us to add value to our trade, I wish to inform you that the National Secretariat will design a Workshop Registration Certificate so as to differentiate our members from quacks.

Comrades you may recall that in our NEC Meeting held in Gombe in 2015 our late president (Comrade Michael Ajayi Omonayin) made us to understand that, many state councils of NATA owed the National Secretariat for ID Cards and Registration Forms.

In the light of the above, I wish to bring to our notice that statistics at the National Secretariat showed that States owe N4.9 Million on ID Cards only.

The Statistics will be read to you by the National Secretary in the Secretariat Report.

I wish to use this medium to appeal to all the States Councils that owed to pay up as quickly as possible as our printers are on our neck.

Finally, I wish all of us fruitful deliberations!

May God Almighty lead us safely back to our various destinations!!

NATA! …Progress!!
Progress! …NATA!!
No NATA! …No Movement!!!

Thank you all!

Being text of Address presented by NATA National President, Comrade Magaji Muhammad Sani at the NEC Meeting of NATA held in Lagos State, Nigeria between Wednesday 26th to Friday 28th September, 2018


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