Curtailing Political, Religious Campaigns on NATA News Platforms


These are interesting times in Nigeria; the land of our birth as the people prepare to go to polls in the next few months to elect their leaders at the Executive as well as Legislative arms of governments in the States and at the federal levels.

One would however expects that NATA News platforms would have been giving directions as to which political party the NATA members should look up to; that can j accommodate their collective interests.

But unfortunately and disappointingly, those of us at the j helm of affairs of this News ‘Media’ i are apolitical; for the simple reason of not wanting to derail from the main objectives for which this Magazine and other social platforms j are established; though we are all I political animals.

Politicking is an art of intrigues; to which permanent interest is the paramount focus of all players.

jForcefully however in this clime, everybody; both the politicians and j their followers want you to accept them and their ideologically-lacking directions as the sure ways to tread in getting to Eldorado.

Different political platforms and actors as well as followers have unfortunately led to ‘scattered’ interests in Nigeria.

Therefore, Politics is capable of wedging a deep gulf in-between blood brothers, families, friends, colleagues and admirers. Hardly do you see the ones that have the interest of the country and masses at heart.

So also is religion; which in this clime has so many die-hard adherents!

Nigeria Automobile Technicians Association (NATA) is a Trade Platform; which members rigidly adhered to; in order to advance their collective trade. It is a platform they look up through, to get connected to wherever help could come from (both within and outside the country) to be exposed to continual members’ training, so as to improve as well as upgrade their skills; exposed to modern vehicle repair techniques to catch-up with their counterparts in Europe and America.

If for any reason, politics and religious campaigns are allowed on NATA News platforms, there is no doubt that the main objectives for which NATA is set up will be roundly defeated.

I sincerely hope you can see reasons why we disallowed Political and Religious Campaigns on NATA News; especially it’s WhatsApp Platform.


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