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Goodwill Message to LUPAN

It is with sincere intentions that we send you this felicitation on the occasion of your last General Meeting for the year 2018.

No doubt the main Objective of your coming together must be encompassed in your untiring efforts at finding a common ground to tackle the many challenges facing the Lubricant Sector of the Nigerian Automotive Industry.

If this is true as well-meaning stakeholders of the industry will want to believe, then you can count much on our desire to be your allies in this venture!

Early in year 2018, we re-launched NATA News magazine; which was first published in year 1995, but which intermittently we suspended due to the not-too-good orientation of the average Nigerian mechanics and their literacy level.

But thank God for the entry of new crop of young energetic men and women; mostly graduates into the profession who determinedly are changing the face and focus of the repair sector in Nigeria; thereof boosting our morale to be active players in the industry.

The main Objectives of NATA News however can be located in its sister Non-Governmental Organisation: Automobiles And Road Safety Initiative’s Objectives of:

1. Promotion of standard work ethics among auto repair technicians; to comply with auto manufacturers’ specifications.

2. Advocacy in the area of production, importation and usage of only genuine auto spare parts, tyres and lubricants to service owners’ vehicles in the country.

3. Reduction of road accidents through campaigns, seminars and workshops for stakeholders in the Nigeria Automotive Sector.

It is with determination to pursue these Objectives to logical conclusion that we set-out to contribute significantly to eradicate Sub-standard Engine Oils and Spare-Parts from Nigeria; through NATA News and Automobiles And Road Safety Initiative; which has organized Road Safety Awareness Campaigns & Usage of Genuine Engine Oil Advocacy for NATA members in Lagos State on Tuesday 24th July, 2018 and NATA Osun State Chapter on Thursday 1st November, 2018; while slating the same for NATA Edo State Chapter on Thursday 7th February, 2019.

Therefore, the Crew of NATA News will be verily happy if LUPAN can deploy its huge weight to support us; knowing fully that the Resolution of today’s gathering will not be far from these Objectives.

We wish you happy deliberations!

Tel: +2347083808902



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