Let’s Start To Engage In Acceptable Best Practices


Distinguished Stakeholders, Ladies and Gentlemen!

It is with gladness in my heart that I welcome you to this historic occasion!

Historic; in the sense that since the establishment of our Non-Governmental Organisation: Automobiles And Road Safety Initiative in March, 2013 and successful staging of various Road Safety related events; this is the first time we’ll be taking our activities to State of Osun; which happens to be my darling state of origin.

Some people may be asking; why are we wasting time to gather vehicle repair technicians together in a hall like this and talk to them about Road Safety instead of members of the National Union of Road Transport Workers?

Honestly, Road Safety Project is a business for all; be you the market men and women, the transporters, the pedestrian, the teacher as well as his/her students; the bankers, insurance gurus, the entrepreneurs.

It is also the business of the government at all levels; which happily does not exclude workers in both the private and public sectors.

It has been noted in some quarters that non-adherence by vehicle repair technicians to vehicle manufacturers’ specifications while carrying out repairs on faulty vehicles had led to accidents on the roads; aftermath of which the drivers were blamed for the occurrence of the incidents.

I am happy to inform you that one of the main Objectives of this gathering is to find means of nipping such ugly incidents in the bud; more so for the simple reason that most vehicles coming into Nigeria now are laden with computer chips; requiring experts’ attention to fix its faults whenever it breaks down.

The times are really hard. And whichever car owner that brings his/her precious automobile to the mechanic’s workshop for service deserves to get nothing, but the best.

Therefore, we are using this medium, to call on you the NATA members in State of Osun to desist from using any-how engine oils to service vehicles for your customers. Sub-standard engine oil does nothing better than to damage car engines.

It doesn’t pay to cut corners. When someone entrusts his/her precious automobile to you, don’t let him/her down by not giving your best.

Let’s start to engage in acceptable best practices and join hands with others to move the State of Osun up to the next level.

Meanwhile, without wanting to sound political and before I conclude this speech, let me on behalf of the Board of Trustees of our Organisation congratulate the newly elected Governor of State of Osun, His Excellency; In-Coming Governor Isiaka Adegboyega Oyetola for his success in the tension- soaked exercise.

It is our best wishes that you lift the State of Osun to the highest pedestal in the comity of states in Nigeria and leave a lasting legacy for generations of yet-unborn State of Osun indigenes. We pray that God will see you through!

May I quickly appeal to your Excellency to establish modern, well equipped mechanics villages for NATA members’ use in State of Osun.

The outgoing Governor, His Excellency Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola; well done sir! Allah will continue to guide your steps.

To the Grand Patron, Patron & Patroness we’ll be formally installing today, we congratulate you and beseech you to always work for the progress of our Organisation.

To our esteemed sponsors, 11 Plc (formally Mobil Oil Nigeria) I say a very big ‘Thank You’ for your usual valuable support; not only to us alone, but the generality of NATA members across the country.

And for coming to add colour and value to this event, I thank you most sincerely; our Distinguished Guests, Speakers, the Security Personnel, Gentlemen of the Press, Ladies and most able Gentlemen.

Once more, you are highly welcome!

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E-mail: oloyede.oriowo@natanews.com.ng

(Being Text of Welcome Address by the President Automobiles And Road Safety Initiative, Samuel Oloyede Orioiwo at Road Safety Awareness Campaign & Usage of Genuine Engine Oil Advocacy for members of Nigeria Automobile Technicians Association (NATA), State of Osin Chapter on Thursday 1st November, 2018)


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