NewChip Technologies shine at App launch


Notable Special Guests at the launch of NATA News App in Lagos have commended the efforts of the Management of NewChip Technologies at building one of the best Apps ever for the use of Nigerian Auto Repair Technicians and their customers as well as their allies.

Mr. Jesufemi Adeogun, the Chief Executive Officer of NewChip Technologies demonstrated the easy ways of connecting with NATA News App’s Join NATA Forum and how to put into effective, positive use; while also enumerating various benefits derivable from the App to guests; during the launch of the App.

However, during a brief interview with NATA News reporters, Mr. Jesufemi Adeogun spoke briefly on what his job entails as an expert website designer and App builder and also gave a little summary on the hurdles faced during the development of Natal News website and how they were fixed.

Talking about the major reason for the website, Mr. Jesufemi Adeogun noted that every organization needs an online presence to grow and that the world is going global; which is the major reason behind the inception of his company.

He further stated that customers’ satisfaction is the priority of his company. He revealed that his company is not allowed to do the web designing all by itself without necessary input from his customers, but that the organization allows customers to state their preferences, while it is the lot of his company to make them to come to reality.


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