Alteration on NATA News masthead explained to NATA Ekiti Chapter


The notable alteration made on NATA News Masthead; which concerned stakeholders have voiced out their opinions on; was better explained to NATA Ekiti State Chapter members by Samuel Oloyede Oriowo during his recent visit to the state.

The Publishers/Editor-in-Chief of the News Platforms explained that the alteration shouldn’t bother members much; because it was for the progress of both the association and the news platforms.

He said he wanted to set the records straight so that the controversy that it has lately generated could be put at rest.
He noted that: “NATA News platforms are strictly media affairs registered with National Library of Nigeria; as publishing arms of New Era Communications Limited; which is also incorporated with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of Nigeria as far back as August, 1988.”

“And Nigeria Automobile Technicians Association (NATA) which is duly INCORPORATED with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of Nigeria is a different entity.”

“It has gotten to a stage that the Publishers of NATA News is now signing MoUs with different organizations (both locally and internationally) that have interest in the development and progress of the industry and therefore want to partner with it:”

“Hence, the Publishers cannot use Nigeria Automobile Technicians Association (NATA) name and logo to go into any agreement with anybody, corporate organizations as well as governments at whatever level; for obvious reasons.”

The Publisher/Editor-in-Chief also revealed that: “Recently, when the Publishers of NATA News were developing an App to support the activities of NATA News, it cannot use Nigeria Automobile Technicians Association logo for the fact that Google; the world acclaimed internet search engine requested for the Incorporation Certificate of the Proprietors.”

Mr. Oriowo asked the gathering that: “If the Publishers had requested for the Incorporation Certificate of Nigeria Automobile Technicians Association, would the members support its National Secretariat to submit such to the publishers,?” which a member vehemently said: No, to.

Mr. Oriowo pointed it out that: “If the National Secretariat submits NATA Incorporation Certificate to the Publishers of NATA News in good faith; won’t the other officials and the generality of members across the country feel that the Publishers are using the association’s certificate to defraud people/organizations/governments across the world; if the publishers becomes progressive to change their cars? for example.”

Mr. Oriowo who disclosed that he first started NATA News in 1995 said: “What the Publishers of NATA News are doing are in good faith; to promote the association; no matter what masthead its products carry.”

He further revealed that: “With the little changes made on NATA News masthead however, other stakeholders in the Nigeria Automotive Industry have embraced it giving the publishers larger coverage and sales, but that the news outfit still remains NATA News.”

Mr. Samuel Oloyede Oriowo in conclusion said that: “The Objectives of promoting the association and other workers in the Nigeria Automotive Industry project as well as educating, informing and opening new ways for stakeholders and bringing the stakeholders to the governments at various levels through NATA News should not be sacrificed on the altar of rigidity as the world itself now; is no more static, but changing every minute if not days; and that members should embrace changes.”



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