Excitement as Oriowo hands over Promo Star Prizes to NATA Ekiti State Chapter


Unbelievable!!! Shouted an official of NATA Ekiti State Chapter on Thursday 29th August, 2019 as the Igede-Ekiti venue of the State’s Monthly General Meeting was enveloped with excitement by joyous officials; upon the eventual hand-over of 4 TVS Motorcycles; meant for promotional purposes to the NATA Ekiti State Chapter Chairman, Comrade Olusegun Olusoji by Samuel Oloyede Oriowo, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of NATA New magazine and www.natanewsonline.com.ng and who is also the Executive Producer of NATA News TV.

This historical hand-over of the Star Prizes in Ekiti State kick-started the much awaited NATA News Readership Promo/Empowerment in South-West Nigeria promised by Mr. Samuel Oloyede Oriowo during the events of his Organisation’s Second Annual NATA News Road Safety Awareness Conference & Usage of Genuine Engine Oil Advocacy; held in Lagos on Thursday 25th July, 2019.

Samuel Oloyede Oriowo who is also the Proprietor of NATA News App promised to send other valuable prizes to be won during the Draw of the Promo to NATA officials in the state soon.

He implored all the members of NATA in the state to seize the opportunity to be empowered as the Promo is real and meant to unite the members while also promoting NATA News Readership in the state.

Comrade Adebayo Jimoh Kolawole, the NATA National Vice President for South-West Region who is based in the state urged all his members to participate in the Promo which according to him is capable of bettering their lives for good.

He revealed that he had attended all the programs organized by Mr. Samuel Oriowo in South-West, Nigeria and that he was so impressed on each of the occasions.

He disclosed to the Monthly General Meeting that he was very happy for the fact that the Promo program was being flagged-off in his state.

He declared that: “NATA as a body in Ekiti State stands to gain a lot from Mr. Samuel Oloyede Oriowo who is so close to relevant stakeholders in the industry; and as a result, all members must embrace his programs.”

The State Chairman, Comrade Olusegun Olusoji commended Mr. Oriowo for thinking it wise to empower NATA members in the South-West, Nigeria through the NATA News Readership Promo.
He revealed that he was privileged to attend the Safety related program that Mr. Oriowo organized in Akure, the Ondo State capital on Thursday 23rd May, 2019 and that he was impressed with the way the events were handled.

He noted that the Raffle Draw that was used in concluding the events of the day was transparently done to the admiration of all attendees and that he believes that the one slated for his state will surely be ‘even’ better handled.

He urged all his members to embrace the promo and use the event to show how authentic and strong NATA is, in Ekiti State.


Samuel Oloyede Oriowo handing over the Star-Prizes of 4 brand new TVS Motorcycles to NATA Officials in Ekiti State


Comrade (Alhaji) Adebayo Jimoh Kolawole addressing the Meeting

Comrades Ayodeji Babatunde (m), General Secretary putting heads together with the State Chairman, Comrade Olusegun Olusoji at the Meeting

Cross Section of members at the meeting

Cross Section of Members reciting NATA Anthem

Cross Section of Members reciting NATA Anthem

Cross Section of Members reciting NATA Anthem

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  • September 3, 2019 at 11:06 am

    This is a good development. This will go along way to assist the members. Keep it up. Up NATA !!! Progress.!!! Asela!! ASE lowo lowo!! Asela!!! Ase fi lomo!!! Ase ye!!!

  • September 4, 2019 at 9:17 am

    This is lovely