Federal Poly Ilaro Students urged to embrace NATA News App


Students of Mechanical Engineering, Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro, Ogun State, Nigeria at the Exhibition

David Opeyemi Shodunke while welcoming the Students of Federal Polytecnich, Ilaro, Ogun State, Nigeria to NATA News Booth D34 at First West Africa Automotive Show, in Lagos Nigeria enlightened them to the usefulness of the App.
He spoke further: “Everyone; thank you for coming and it’s all my great pleasure to welcome the students of Federal Poly (Ilaro); and tonight a new stand at the West African Automobile Show here at the Landmark Event Centre, Lekki and you know NATA News is one of the media that cover the automobile industry in the world.”
“So you need to know that we are the number one. There is no other one, you need to know that so this is NATA News (Stand). This is our magazine (displays the magazine) and of course we also have our App and the App (NATA News App) helps you with a lot of thing in the Automobile Industry,” he said.
David Opeyemi said: “Let me bring this to your notice, I am not downgrading the automobile industry (repair technicians); right now, but the point is that seventy percent of them are illiterate and the need for them to start using technology to develop their work for good services delivery, they need to use Apps.”
“They need to use new technologies that have been improved and I will tell you that NATA News brings this initiative to improve their work and service delivery that is why this App is available for them,” he emphasized.
Reiterating, he said: “Now this App has a lot of benefits, rights, so the number one benefit here is:
 “It helps to solve your auto problems yourself, (be) educated and learn more about automobile from (your) comfort zone and it can also help you to trade your vehicles, spare parts, accessories, tyres and batteries.”
“Understand? You can also get latest auto news on the platform.”
He continued: “Now let’s assume you are travelling from one point to another and your car got broke down; maybe from Lagos to the Eastern part of the country, you know it’s going to be very rare for you to see a mechanic on the road, right? You might see them, but road-side mechanic.”
“Am not saying they are not qualified, but most of them are not qualified. So for you to get a verified and trusted technician, if you go on this App, you have to register first, right? Then go on the App, just click that am at this location and I need a mechanic to attend to me; though and then the nearest and verified technician will come to your aid at the moment.”

“Let’s assume you are very far away and the mechanic can’t respond to you at the moment, like can’t come to your location, he/she, because we also have lady mechanics, so maybe whoever is planning to go into the industry be a mechanic as a lady like “oju orun o to eye fo”. Don’t say because it is a dirty job. As a lady, you can also go into the industry.”
“So, now back to it, you can drop your question on the platform and the technician online is going to respond to your question. So there is something call ‘Do It Yourself’ Initiative inside this industry. So its just going to put you through. You send message; it is going to reply so you guys can communicate and you do it yourself at the spot, you understand?”
“From there you are also going to learn some things. So, that is that on that over that concerning that,” he declared.
“Like I said earlier, articles we are all in school, we are reading the things they are teaching us in school, but let me tell you something, you can also read articles on this platform that is the last one. Get latest auto news and more.”
“You understand there are interviews like I said; this NATA News will cover a lot of interviews in the industry, right articles. So if you are there and you want to know more about your gear box, steering and some other things, you get articles on the platform.”
“You know, just ask me any question that is about the automobile industry that this App cannot do and this App can help you get it and also if you want to buy your car abroad from the United States, United Arab Emirate and the likes. This App can help you trade your car if you want to buy or sell, it will help you.”
“You can also network on the App; you understand?”
“This is the West African Automotive Show; right, like we assure you that 60 per cent of exhibitors here are on this platform. So you can also network on the platform too. If you know AutoMedics, AutoMedics are also on this platform so they can help you with a lot of things, understand?”
He implored the students to: “Trade whatever you want to and explore.” “It’s pretty cool I must say very impressive right? Alright then!” he concluded.

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