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“We are looking forward to seeing the Regional Automotive Sector come together under one roof” … Says Jamie Hill, WAAS initiator

L-R Samuel Oloyede Oriowo (PublisherEditor-in-Chief, NATA News), Jamie Hill (Organiser, West Africa Automotive Show), David Opeyemi Shodunke & Eunice Abayomi (NATA News Corresp

Jamie Hill is the Managing Director of BtoB Events Limited.
He has spent the past nine years of his career in Dubai working his way up the ladder of one of the top exhibition companies in the global market.
Jamie started his time as a Sales Executive in Telecoms Events and finished as Director for the African Portfolio of Exhibitions. During this time, Jamie took what was a life sciences department into various new industries including Food & Beverage, Cosmetics & Beauty, and Franchising – expanding a portfolio of two annual events to a portfolio of eight annual exhibitions with a combined turnover of over $8million.
Between Wednesday 6th and Friday 8th November, 2019 he organized the First West Africa Automotive Show at the Landmark Center, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.
He spoke with one of the Correspondents of NATA News at the venue of the Show.


NATA News: What is your name?

Jamie: My name is Jamie Hill; organizer of the West Africa Automotive Show.

NATA News: What is the objective of the show?

Jamie: West Africa Automotive Show is a new International Trade Exhibition. (It) is set to bring the region’s automotive parts industry together under one roof.

For three days, an estimated 100 exhibitors from Nigeria and other countries will be gathering together to network, forge new business ties and show off the latest developments and products in the spare parts and services sector. Suppliers, dealers and manufacturers will also be able to discuss best practices for the industry and find out more about the developing local motor manufacturing industry.


With free admission, more than 3,000 visitors are expected to attend WAAS which opens its doors from November 6th to 8th, 2019 at the Landmark Centre on Victoria Island, Lagos.


Nigerian businesses are well represented, accounting for about 30 per cent of exhibitors. There will be national pavilions for Morocco and China, smaller groupings from Thailand, Egypt, Tunisia and India and a dozen more countries will also be represented.


To bring entire universe to trade their products which is relevant in the automobile industry, to network and do business and for Nigeria business to grow.

NATA News: Why did you choose Nigeria for the exhibition?

WAAS is organised by BtoB Events, which has had two successful show launches in Lagos over the past year, Beauty West Africa and Food and Beverage West Africa.


We are now looking forward to seeing the Regional Automotive Sector come together under one roof as we launch WAAS.


We have a wealth of international exhibitors looking to bring high-tech equipment to Nigeria for the first time and a large number of local exhibitors are looking to expand their businesses and increase exports to surrounding countries.


Having the largest population on the continent creates a huge market opportunity in Nigeria. BtoB has selected Lagos to launch the show as it recognises Nigeria is well placed to become the automotive hub of the African continent with over 11.5 million vehicles on the roads.


With over 60 per cent of vehicles on the road being over 12 years old, there is a huge aftermarket industry. The need for high quality and affordable spare parts is becoming increasingly important.


There is also a real hunger to boost the local assembly of vehicles across the country with the 2013 National Automotive Industry Development Plan (NAIDP). With more assembly plants being set up, this again significantly increases the demand for spare parts. We are committed to supporting Nigeria reach its forecast of having 70 per cent of new cars sold being assembled or manufactured domestically by 2050.


Nowhere is good than Nigeria. Nigeria has the population and more people use vehicles. There are more brands coming into the country, so there is the need for international recognition.

NATA News: What is the unique selling point?

Jamie: To be the largest West Africa Automotive Show and we want support to Nigeria and growth country businesses.


To support Nigerian companies at the exhibition, the WAAS organisers are drawing up a small Conference Seminar to throw the spotlight on local businesses. It is great to give the local companies a platform to grow their market share, increase exports and highlight that the Nigerian Original Equipment Manufacturers (NOEMs) are not out of place amongst the global companies.


At the same time, local entrepreneurs will be able to meet with their overseas counterparts and see what the global aftermarket industry has to offer with a range of products from across four continents.

NATA News: What is the goal in the next 10 years?

Jamie: We want to be well recongnised across the world.

NATA News: What is the turn-out like?

Jamie: A lot of people turned out for the exhibition across the world

NATA News: What will be your advice for the visitors to the exhibition?

Jamie: Advise them to take advantage of the exhibition.




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