West Africa Automotive Show: A welcome Development …Says Kunle Shonaike, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of AutoMedics


The Founder who is also the Chief Executive Officer of AutoMedic Limited, Mr. Kunle Shonaike was one of the heavy-weight visitors to the maiden edition of West Africa Automotive Show staged in Victoria Island, Lagos State, Nigeria between Wednesday 6th and Friday 8th November, 2019.
He moved round the Exhibition venue in high spirit and keenness.
When he surfaced at NATA News (Automotive Care Platform) Booth D34 on the second day of the Exhibition, David Opeyemi Shodunke, NATA News Correspondent engaged him in a brief interview session and while endorsing the show declared that: “It’s what I really like, it’s a welcome development.”
“I was actually supposed to be in Las Vegas (USA) for the same exhibition, the same thing going on now, but that one is called AAPEX. I registered for that, but I said I want to attend the one in Nigeria to see and I’m very happy with what I’ve seen and if this can be happening every year it’s a welcome development for us in the automotive industry in Nigeria, because I see a lot of the manufacturers, a lot of spare parts, different spare parts marketers here which is good for us, then in terms of getting spare parts and resources for the automotive industry; this is a welcome development,” he enthused.
He said: “My words for the exhibitors is that it’s something that should be sustained; I want it to be sustained. I want it to be something that should be going on every year. I see indigenous parts, I mean tools manufacturers, sellers here; I see international (exhibitors) and I see a lot of other things I wasn’t expected to see; like the NADDC is represented. They are the policy maker for the automotive industry in Nigeria. They are more or less the enforcer for the automotive industry. I see their stand and for me it’s a welcome development. It’s something I really appreciate.”
The AutoMedics boss informed his interviewer that: “This is my first day here; I really don’t know that something like this is going on here, but I’m happy to be here.”
When asked again his words for the organizers, he said: “Well, like I said; my words for the organizers; I give kudos to them; next year I pray that it will be bigger than this; and I pray that they are able to sustain it.”
With much commitment as his usual practice when it comes to development of the Automotive Industry in Nigeria, Mr. Shonaike showed interest in continuation of the show and in a larger form too as he informed that: If there is any way I can come in to assist them (the WAAS organisers), I am all ready; I’m all there for them,” he concluded.


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