An encounter with Witches & Wizards


Considering the fact that latest vehicles are laden with sophisticated computer chips; known as Brain Boxes; meant to detect emerging faults in the vehicles, one does not expect vehicles that carry any of these chips to malfunction without prior warning from the vehicle’s dash-board signals.

Therefore it was amazing when the night guard on my street woke me up rudely recently at the dead of the night; to enquire whether I forgot to switch-off my car’s engine after parking the car in from of our house.

He said he could hear sound from the car as if it was working.

This I told him; wasn’t possible after I had parked the car for more than 6 hours and more convincing that I did not meet the car in working-condition when I instantaneously came out to inspect it around 2 am; neither did I find the engine in a ‘hot’ condition.

The second time the night guard reported this, I instructed one of my young neighbours that was in the habit of keeping late nights outside our premises to watch-out for what the night-guard reported.

Alas, it happened in the presence of the young neighbour recently; my car, a Toyota Sienna 2008’s fan blade was the culprit that kept rolling non-stop for several minutes in the dead of the nights; without prompting after I had parked the car.

With conviction that the car’s fan blade kept rolling without prompting and in the dead of the nights, I reported to my mechanic, who I know has about 30 years experience on his chosen career.

He instantly told me to stop parking the car on our street, but to try another street in the neighbourhood and see if the fan-blade would ever works like that without somebody putting on the ignition.

I quickly guessed that may be some evil spirits; witches and wizards in this case; were riding the car to their various meetings in the nights, since it wasn’t a daily occurrence, but periodical.

But during a chance meeting with Mr. Benedict Okoh, the Executive Director, Technical Services of AutoMedics (located on 52, Ikotun-Idimu Road, Ikotun, Lagos State, Nigeria) I explained this to him and he laughed excitedly.

He helped ‘buried’ my village induced conviction; earlier watered by my mechanic that some evil spirit could be riding the car to their meetings, as he explained that some models of Toyota brands were in the ‘habit’ of behaving in that way when the ‘modular’ of the car becomes malfunction or totally bad.

He revealed that many of his customers have complained in like-manner as I did, but that he had witnessed such happened in the presence of one of his customers who had the same conviction as I had.

He said no evil spirit rides in vehicles to any meeting, but that if they had to go to any meeting at all in the nights, according to his own belief; it had to be through their own spiritual means, but not through automobiles.

Oh, my God!!!

Just imagine countless number of car owners in this clime that their precious automobiles misbehave in this way and they too thought it’s the handiwork of witches and wizards.

Nigeria of today; where virtually everybody consults his/her prophets/prophetesses or spiritualists whenever this type of incidence happens; most especially to one’s precious automobile, the man/woman of God could have even adduced this malfunction to the triumph of the witches and wizards in their ‘sacred’ kingdom.

Honestly, its time car owners get used to their automobiles and the funny ways it can behave without prompting of being engaged in the drive mode.

The car owners too need to be thoroughly educated about their vehicles and its functionalities by certified expert-auto-repair-technicians and not just any technician; because the safe arrival of travelers at their various destinations is dependent on the good conditions of the vehicles put on the roads and not the dexterity or expertise of drivers behind the wheels.

It is with the Objective of providing an easy, accessible platform; where car owners can come together to interact with numerous certified expert-auto-repair-technicians across the world over; a platform on which spare-parts, engine oil, auto accessories and allied products producers and sellers can introduce their wares to customers that desire and demand only genuine, standard products; a platform that doesn’t discriminate, but on which students of various automotive institutes in the world can rob minds with different ‘expert’ lecturers anywhere in the continents; a platform via which technicians can learn new skills or upgrade their skills by interacting with each other in the comforts of their homes, offices and or workshops; that is the main reason as well as objective for which NATA News App is built; to satisfy automotive care needs of all stakeholders.

Nobody is excluded from deriving one benefit or the others from this NATA News App; be you a motorist, a student, a lecturer, a road user, a safety or traffic worker, even the pedestrian; all stand to benefit immensely by being on the Platform.

Then, why waiting to be prompted before you become an active participant on this App?

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Welcome to a New World of Easy, Accessible Automotive Care Platform!

By: Samuel Oloyede Oriowo
Tel: +2347083808902 (WhatsApp)


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