Launching NATA News App to place you on global scale


All Protocols duly observed please!

This is another beautiful day the Lord has made!

Indeed we are rejoicing in it!!

Exactly one year ago, we at Automobile And Road Safety Initiative; a Non-Governmental Organisation, established in March, 2013 laid the foundation for this very NATA News Road Safety Awareness Campaigns & Usage of Genuine Engine Oil Advocacy in this very Indoor Sports Pavilion of NITEL, here in Oshodi, Lagos State, Nigeria.

By special grace of God and magnitude support of our main Sponsors, 11 Plc (formerly Mobil Oil Nigeria) we have taken this gospel to Osun State (Thursday November 1st, 2018), Edo State on Thursday 7th February, 2019 and Ondo State on Thursday 23rd May, 2019.

All along, the officials and members of Nigeria Automobile Technicians Association (NATA) across those states trouped out en-mass to participate in the programs.

For this; I want to appreciate the National Secretariat of NATA, the Zones as well as the State Chapters and indeed all members of NATA across the country.

In early 2018; we launched the NATA News Magazine website in presence of many of you who are gathered here today. But unfortunately, I lost my younger cousin who developed the site for us and there was no way we could pay to revalidate it at its expiration.

Therefore, recently, we put our heads together and appointed another Website Designers: NewChips Technologies Limited; the management of which you can see has done a marvelous job; by designing a unique, simple, exciting website; for your everyday education, information, relaxation and enjoyment.

The same company also took pains to build NATA News App which we have just launched here this morning.

NATA News App is a Platform; specially designed for all stakeholders in the World Automotive Industry to come together to interact across the oceans and continents; in the comforts of their homes, offices and even when at relaxation spots; to engage in making their daily activities stress-free.

This is our contribution to place you NATA members and indeed would be members, other Nigerian Motorists, Vehicle Owners, Students of the various Automotive Repair Institutions and indeed Auto Enthusiasts on a global scale to have easy access in getting prompt solutions to whatever mirages of challenges that you might be confronted in your endeavours.

Our NATA News Daily SMS Platform as launched; also will keep you abreast of daily happenings in the Nigerian as well as the World Automotive Industries.

Information is power!

I sincerely hope you NATA members will take this seriously.

Meanwhile, it is not because we are too rich to have determined to place a Tricycle, a Motorcycle and other valuable prizes up for grabs today through Raffle Draw, but to encourage you to seek for knowledge through constants reading of NATA News Magazine and to induce you to participate actively in our programs and on our various exciting Platforms.

Beginning from September 2019 we at Automobiles And Road Safety Initiative through our sister organization NATA News will commence monthly Auto Repair Tools and other sundry materials empowerment for NATA Members across the country.

You can only get to know about this and qualify for participation if only you JOIN our NATA News Forum on NATA News App and Daily SMS Portal.

As you can see here in this hall today; we are streaming live unto your homes, offices and wherever you are through NATA News TV.

This platform is also designed within our website ambit to make information available to you any time of the day and or night; at your own pleasure.

We sincerely hope that all stakeholders in the industry here in Nigeria and from all over the world will wish to use this NATA News TV Platform to make a wider reach out to their esteemed customers as well as would be customers.

Whenever there comes up any difficulty in engaging with us, please always endeavour to call me: Samuel Oloyede Oriowo on telephone number +2347083808902. This is a dedicated number for this purpose.

Meanwhile, let me use this opportunity to thank the Board of Directors, Management and entire Staff of 11 Plc (formerly Mobil Oil Nigeria) for providing us a reliable, dignified, rock-solid shoulder to lean on; as well as believing in our growing initiatives.

The stakes are getting higher anyway and we sincerely wish to appeal for an increase in strength and volume of you support towards enlarging the scope of this Campaigns.

Asiwaju Jacob Omonide Fayeun, the ebullient NATA Chairman in Lagos State, we are proud of you; for your unwavering support at all times! You are hereby promptly elevated from being one of the Distinguished Patrons of Automobiles And Road Safety Initiative to the office of Distinguished Grand Patrons.

Our various Distinguished Guests and Speakers, NATA Officials from across Western Zone, I appreciate you all for being there for us to call on at any time.

Indeed all of you in this hall today have come to add colour to this event and contribute significantly to its success, I really thank you for this.

God bless you all beyond your imaginations!

Thank you!!!

President of Automobiles And Road Safety Initiative
& Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of NATA News

Welcome Address delivered by Samuel Oloyede Oriowo, President, Automobiles And Road Safety Initiative & Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of NATA News at the launch of NATA News App, NATA News TV and in Lagos on Thursday 27th July, 2019)


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