What An Opportunity Lost!


The most herculean challenges confronting the Nigerian Automotive Repair Sector of the nation’s economy today can be located in the area of large presence of fake and or sub-standard spare parts, lubricating oils and other allied automotive products.

It is a wide spread anomaly in this clime for vehicle repair technicians who are never ashamed to convince the car owners to agree for him/her to fix an already used and dumped spare part which are imported by unpatriotic Nigerians from other parts of the world into the country for the technicians to use.

And what had the leaderships of the various vehicle repair technicians’ associations done to rescue their members from the tight grips of the fake spare parts and lubricating oils merchants that tend to paint them in oily colours?

Sincerely, it had been complaints galore; while the leaderships too had resigned to fate waiting endlessly for the Standard Organisation of Nigeria; an organ of Federal Government of Nigeria; which many industry watchers believe is handicapped to help them sanitise the markets.

But the just concluded West Africa Automotive Show; organized by BtoB Events Limited at Landmark Center, Lagos, Nigeria and which was said to be the largest Automotive Exhibition ever staged on Nigerian soil provided both the leaderships of the technicians’ associations and the generality of their members ample opportunities to meet face-to-face with various spare parts, oils and allied automotive products producers and major representatives; to look into how they can partner to get needed parts directly from their bases abroad; and relieve themselves of the menace the sub-standard products had posed to their profession.

Unfortunately, the leaderships failed in their duties by not being active participants in a show they were expected to dominate.

Many interested visitors to the show came from various States in Nigeria with no other intention, but to make deals on how to become Nigerian representatives of the Exhibitors that came from across the continents to offer rare opportunities.

NATA News as Media Partners to West Africa Automotive Show canvassed for the participation of both the leadership of Nigeria Automobile Technicians Association and their teeming members.

Alas, only about 5 members of the association came; visiting.

What happened to the thousands who decided not to show up? One wonders!

Is it that we should accept our fate and keep doing things all over again, the ways we have been doing it for decades?

I am worried!!!

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