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What does the human life worth?

Recently, one of my friends’ driver after parking his car for close to 10 minutes was called upon to ‘shift’ the car to another space within the perimeter of his office premises in order to allow a petty trader have ‘required’ space to display her ware.

Restless as a young, newly employed driver, the ‘guy’ jumped into the car and engaged the gear in reverse mode without hooting the car’s horn to warn anybody that might be loitering at the back of the car.


The car pinned a 13 years old boy that was about to dash across to the other side of the house and alas, his body became lifeless.

The young driver was arrested by the Police and detained. But the parents of the dead wouldn’t wish for a ‘manslaughter case; rightly concluding that they stood to gain nothing from such case.

They therefore settled for amicable resolution of the problem at hand.

Pronto! The parents demanded for a monetary compensation in the sum of N5 Million.

After much pleading, the demand was reduced to N1 Million. One Million ‘solid’ Naira paid, but my friend was saddled with the responsibility of taking care of burial expenses.

The dead was a bustling Ibo boy; and that should tell you; how expensive the burial can be.

At another time, a car owner hit an aged man/woman on the Lagos Road and before the car owner could come down from the car to see the situation of things, the man/woman had dropped dead.

Families were contacted and they vehemently opposed to Police case; preferring the culprit car owner to assist the families take care of the expenses of the burial; that in most cases could run into millions of Naira.

At some other times, fatal motor accidents happen on the Nigerian Roads and many are confirmed dead.

The families are contacted; usually by personnel of safety agencies of government on the roads and they would come into the hospital mortuaries to claim their dead relatives without asking for compensation from anybody or government.

This brings us to the big question; What Does a Human Life Worth?

While still wondering here however, I wish the federal government can come out seriously for once to make it compulsory for travelers on the nation’s dilapidated roads to take up insurance covers for themselves apart from the vehicles that are insured for the families of victims of accidents on the roads to have something to cushion their pains of losing their loved ones.

Wishing you accident free drive on Nigerian Roads; now and always!!!

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