Monday, January 24, 2022


The Programme was well attended and this shows that there is serious Business in Automobile And Road Safety Initiative’s events.

The attendees who were mostly members of Nigeria Automobile Technicians Association, Ekiti State Chapter listened with rapt attention and it meant at the end of the programme there would be Attitudinal Change.

Congratulations to the Organisers!

By: DCC Victor O. Ifabiyi
Head of Operations,
FRSC, Ekiti State Sector Command

The Programme was very germane as it dealt majorly on Attitudinal Change by major stakeholders on Road Safety.

The methodology employed in communication was apt.

Most Paper Presenters spoke and lectured in Yoruba language; which was an added advantage that made lectures interesting and impactful.

I recommend that the Organisers organize such programme at least on yearly basis for the technicians in Ekiti State, Nigeria.

God bless the Organisers!

By: ACC Bengodman Nwokafor (FWC)
Head of Crisis Management,
NSCDC, Ekiti State Command

The importance of training and re-training to humanity cannot be overemphasized.

As a result, this type of educative seminar organized by Automobiles And Road Safety Initiative for members of Nigeria Automobile Technicians Association in Ekiti State, Nigeria is a welcome development in which I would like to suggest a repetition of such once more before the year runs out to make it twice a year.

Thanks to the Organisers! God bless!!

By: Mr. Adeleye Sunday (PFS II)
Principal Fire Superintendent II
(Fire Protection & Prevention Section)
Ekiti State Fire Service

The Programme was well loaded by the Organisers: Automobiles And Road Safety Initiative; to ensure audience and the auto-technicians key-into some stated ethical tips and enumerated precautions to be taken while carrying out their duties in order to ensure accident free motoring on highways; that may likely cause damages to our cars, motorcycles, other valuable properties, equipment etc; injuries and fatalities.

More so, the seminar was very educative on the part of our auto-technicians to imbibe their professional ethics and also be trustworthy at all times.

The Promo Draw incorporated into the programme also added beauty to the occasion.

Kudos to the organizers: Automobiles And Road Safety Initiative.

God bless!

By: Sup. of Police Rabiu Mulikatu
Ekiti State Traffic Officer
Ekiti State Police Command

The attendance was quite impressive.

The lectures/Papers were all delivered by Seasoned Resource Persons.

The members of Nigeria Automobiles Technicians Association that formed majority of participants received the lecture with rapt attention and were carried along all through the lectures.

Collaboration with essential stakeholders (FRSC, VIO, Fire Service, NSCDC, Mobil Oil etc) is highly commendable.

Most importantly, participants were to imbibe all that had been lectured and learnt into their profession.

By: DCC Abimbola Aderonke Owolabi
DCC Admin, FRSC, Ekiti State Sector Command



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