I thought I was going to die, contemplated succession plan, says coronavirus survivor


Executive Director, @StandtoEndRape, Oluwaseun Ayodeji Osowobi has recounted her experience in isolation centre while battling with coronavirus in Nigeria.

Oluwaseun who was among the first five patients discharged by the Lagos State government encourages all Nigerians to live a healthy lifestyle.

Oluwaseun in series of tweets said; “Life finds ways of throwing LEMON at me. I’ve struggled w/ coming forward, but I want to inspire hope. I returned to Nigeria from the UK post-Commonwealth event (I totally enjoyed) & fell ill. As a responsible person, I self-isolated.”


The next days were tough. No appetite. Nausea, vomit & stooling was unbearable. I’m a blood type A & #COVID19 dealt w/ me.

“I thought I was going to die & contemplated a succession plan for @StandtoEndRape. I was on drugs daily. Sometimes, I’d take 8 tablets in the morning, 13 tablets in the afternoon, 10 at night. My system threw everything out! Water, food, soap & all disgusted me. But I’d look at the wall & force myself to stay hydrated – drank ORS. 


To every young person out there, please give your lungs a chance to beat this. Can I encourage you to stop smoking & live a healthy life at this time? A healthy lungs is KEY!

“@NCDCgov & State Governments need to improve their testing capacity. Test mild/asymptomatic cases too. Sending strength to everyone who is fighting to beat #COVID19. 

“Some stigmatised me based on article on national dailies with subtle messages like “why did she come back to Nigeria?”Face with tears of joy. Nigeria is my home.

 Coronavirus is NOT a death sentence. People can survive and I HAVE!

“I continued the medication and asked to be in a separate ward. Sadly, I remained in the same ward as all others rooms were full. My ward had people who were positive. What if I get re-infected?

“No, you’re negative,” the Doctor replied.

“The Doctor apologised for the delay. I was anxious to go home but remained calm. I wanted to be free from this pain. I was unsure of what was going on. Why haven’t I been discharged? Should I be in the same ward? Could I get reinfected? I was worried but remained calm.”

“On the 3rd day, Doctors said, “well, we worked w/ the info we had of you testing negative, but one result came back positive.”

 “Days after, the Doctors shared good news that I tested negative. I shared this news w/ family & friends! My blood sample was taken & I also tried to donate my plasmapheresis to help others. I hoped to be discharged.”

“I waited to be discharged, but for two days, nothing happened.

“This another phase of my life & I HAVE won! I celebrate my resilience and strength. Call me SURVIVAYO. I encourage people to get tested & stop the stigma. Practice social distancing and stop the spread.


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