Ammasco Oil boss urges Nigerians not to joke with COVID-19; commends FG, State Governments on measures to contain virus

The Chairman/CEO of Ammasco International Limited, Alhaji Ado Mustapha has implored members of Nigeria Automobile Technicians Association (NATA) across the country and indeed motoring Nigerians not to joke with the out-break of novel coronavirus which is devastating the peoples of the world now. 

The wave-making motor engine oil producer who is also the Secretary of Lubricants Producers Association of Nigeria (LUPAN) said “we need to sacrifice at this time to observe rigidly the governments’ ‘Stay-at-Home’ orders in order to break the transmission chains of the virus among Nigerians.”

“Though this period in our lives is tough since we have not collectively experienced these types of lock-downs across the country before, but we need to make this sacrifice to help ourselves to stay alive as it is those who are alive that can do many other earthly things,” he said.

According to him, across the world, the novel coronavirus has affected more than 1.7 million persons and has unfortunately taken with it more than 110,000 lives. The fact that we are divinely blessed in Nigeria not to have recorded alarming fatalities does not make the virus a ruse.

Alhaji Ado Mustapha therefore urged Nigerians to do whatever is easily possible at the disposal of everyone; such as following the regulations of governments and health officials to curtail the spread of the virus.

Apart from human to human contact, Alhaji Ado Mustapha said that scientists have warned that the virus could be contacted through contaminated implements, tools and equipment as well as metallic surfaces; such that Nigerians come across through the lines of their businesses daily and as a precaution, he urge them to be extra careful to constantly wash their hands with water and soap, use hand sanitisers that have high alcoholic base content in case they cannot easily come across water and soap; while exercising social distancing of not less than 5 feet apart as the health workers have also recommended.

He also implored Nigerians to stop shaking hands at this critical period of the pandemic and endeavour to always cough or sneeze unto their elbows when the need arises or into tissue papers, while the papers are carefully disposed off after use in order to make the atmosphere/environment pollution free.

Alhaji Ado Mustapha called on Nigerians to adhere strictly unto not touching their eyes, noses and ears with unhygienic hands as this action could transmit the virus unto them as warned by health workers.

However, while praising President Muhammad Buhari and the various state governments for taken precautionary measures to contain the spread of the outbreak of coronavirus in Nigeria, Alhaji Ado Mustapha also commended the frontline health workers on behalf of Lubricants Producers Association of Nigeria for diligently tackling the pandemic and hastening to bring an end to its devastations in the country.

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