Keeping the Vehicles Virus Free – Part 2


By: Femi Esan

What to do to keep virus away from your car, clean and detail services

Haven discussed the nature of virus and the parts that habour the viruses, it is essential to touch on ways to prevent and eliminate viruses from vehicles. 

It is noteworthy that carelessness and ignorance are the two main reasons for the invasion of viruses in our vehicle. No one ever think that virus can be present in a vehicle and there was no lesson or education on the massive availability of bacteria and viruses in our vehicles.

Maintaining cleanliness in our cars is not given value, but it can go a long way to provide a healthy environment to us and the occupants of our vehicles. If we are going to take trips inside our vehicle, it is important to do everything we can to slow or prevent the transmission of the bacteria or virus and including the ravaging COVID-19.

Every trip therefore needs attention especially now.

Outside our environment there are “Detailing Services” these services cover generally cleaning the exteriors and the interiors of vehicles, including trucks. But here you might have to “Do It Yourself” because detailing services in our environment are not taken as serious business. 

Detailing as a “Do It Yourself” is fun and can take up to One and a Half Hours, but with your spouse or an assistance assisting you, it shouldn’t take more than One hour. 

It is assumed that you know the best areas where children dump their remnants in your car.

To clean your car properly, 3 things must be done:

  • Vacuuming
  • Cleaning
  • Disinfecting of the interior of the vehicle. 

Vacuuming can be done before or after cleaning.





Remove all carpets and lays. (Use medium vacuum machine and not the toy vacuum gift that you are given free). That should remove papers, small plastics and nylons, and dusts. The doors must be left open. 

You need to do it every two weeks.


Cleaning– This is the real task of removing traces of bacteria from the vehicle and prevent the vulnerable (Children and Elderly) from contacting the virus, including the COVID-19 virus. If we have a small steam fume generator, it will penetrate the interiors more and better than using microfiber towels otherwise microfiber towels can be gotten from any of the hardware stores in the malls. 

Cleaning starts from the outside of the Driver’s Compartment and with cleaning agents on wipes or microfiber towels, clean the “Vehicle Key” or “Keyless Unit” first and next is the external door handle. 

Open the door and start cleaning from roof to floor (please do not clean with harsh agents). Vehicle detailing materials can be found in Shoprite and other malls and pay attention to “Hand Touching Points” including all seats, seat backs and dashboard as well as all the points that were mentioned in Part 1 of this write up

The Carpet should be washed outside the car. Washing should be done weekly. Cleaning of hand touching points should be cleaned dedicatedly after every trip.



There are different types of disinfectant. Ozone Generator, Anti-Virus Sprays, Combine Disinfect & Odorizers. 

Ozone Generators can only be used by Commercial Detailing Centers (It is also containing CFC – not recommended), Indoor disinfectant also kills viruses, but you have to look out for CFC (Chlorofluorocarbon) content. 

Use the ones that has short time expeller (4 – 10 minutes) and made of Hydrofluorocarbon (HFC). Spray regularly especially if you have to leave car for more than 20 minutes and remember to spray the carpets as carpets habour viruses.


Please use the appropriate gloves, nose cover for cleaning works and dispose them off appropriately. 

Please avoid using rental vehicles for this period.


Stay Safe!

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