NATA Chanchaga LGA Branch elects new officials


NATA, Niger State Chapter Executive Council ably led by its Chairman, Comrade Ayuba Oluobore on Tuesday 7th July 2020 conducted an election to bring in new officials with new ideas to pilot the affairs of Chachanga Local Government Branch of the association.


Present to witness the election and assured that there were peace and tranquility before, during, and after the election were security personnel.


At the end of the exercise, Comrade Olupiti Tuesday emerged as Chairman, while Comrade Tajudeen Zubairu was elected as his Vice.


Comrade Sunday Moses became the Local Government Branch General Secretary; while Comrade Abdulrazak Idowu was duly elected his Assistance.


The post of Financial Secretary was clinched by Comrade Gilbert Ugwoke; Comrade Alfa A. Molshood was elected LGA Branch Treasurer; Comrade Mudashir Lawal clinched the post of Organising Secretary; Comrade Abdulwahab Owolabi was elected Welfare Officer; while Comrade Garba G. Rambo was voted for the post of Public Relations Officer.


Comrades Abdulfatai Yusuf and Yahaya Alfa were elected Provost I and Provost II, respectively.


LGA Branch Head Marshal went to Comrade Jimoh Lawal; while Comrade Chinoso Ewerem became Marshal 2.


The new officials were immediately sworn-in after the election.


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