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Experts link vehicle reliability to repair, fixed maintenance services – By Benjamin Alade

Against the backdrop of rising demand for quality automotive repair and maintenance services due to increasing vehicle age and poor state of many Nigerian roads, Fixit45, a tech-enabled automotive aftermarket platform has declared its commitment to redefine service experience and enable value-creating interactions across stakeholders within the automotive aftermarket segment.

A look at the automotive landscape in Nigeria reveals a broken condition – defined as a highly fragmented, mostly unregulated industry that is dominated by informal service providers who often lack the technical competence or the know-how to deliver quality service.

The industry is also beset by counterfeit spare parts with a lack of warranty on repairs.

The traditional service and maintenance industry has remained largely untouched by the digital revolution, with car owners and corporate fleet owners still going the analogue and time-consuming route.

Founder/Chief Executive Officer, Fixit45, Justus Obaoye, said the firm was established to provide quality repair and maintenance services that ensure a fixed level of vehicular reliability, which in turn improves the chances of economic mobility and productivity.

“Traditionally, individuals and corporations own new and used vehicles that will need to be upgraded, repaired, serviced, and maintained. Following the pandemic, a trend that has now emerged has seen many preferring to repair and or upgrade their existing vehicles to enhance their mobility assets and trade-in value, as opposed to buying new or foreign used cars. A quality repair and maintenance regime is pivotal to optimising performance, service life, and reliability of these vehicles.”

“At Fixit45, we are leveraging technology to address fundamental issues in the fragmented auto aftermarket space and liberate people and businesses from the clogs that have prevented them from enjoying their mobility assets.

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Abdulazeez Ogunjobi, said “technology is at the heart of all that we do. The platform provides a seamless, collaborative infrastructure for these interactions to occur and be moderated for compliance and accountability.



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