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“Kudos to the officers who have been on the pilot seats in the last 4 years”

I, Barr. Olusegun Adeniyi from Abeokuta (Ogun State), the NATA National Legal Adviser hereby welcomes you all to the 7th National Quadrennial Delegates Conference of our great (association) NATA.

l must apologise for my absence at the Conference . This is due to some very crucial personal assignments.

Kudos to the officers who have been on the pilot seats in the last 4 years. They have been exceptionally dedicated and committed to the NATA project.

Today l salutes them all.

At this crucial period of our Association, we must know that the nation and indeed the whole world have turned its attention to us. We must therefore exhibit the greatest level of decorum, modesty, maturity and discipline in all our actions.

As an election period in our Association’s life every single step must be taken to show the outside world that NATA is the destination of uprightness, transparency and sportsmanship.  All candidates are giants in their respective fields and friends in the common goal of development and growth.


Our opponents and adversaries who are long lost are also watching us and we must demonstrate that quality of finesse, large heart and spirit to win the world back to us.

As you go to the election booths be assured of my support, backing and spiritual presence and acknowledgement of your efforts. 

May the Lord energize you and give you perfect peace of mind and journey mercies on your way back home.




NATA National Legal Adviser



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