NATA News: A Platform earlier designed for members of Nigeria Automobile Technicians Association (NATA) to reach out to the populace and also get feedback; mainly dedicated for the promotion of ethics among the technicians to comply with vehicle manufacturers’ specifications, while fixing faults; get adequate exposure to the World Automotive Industry; improve skill of members to be able to competently fit to work on modern vehicles; and consequentially to benefit vehicle owners in this clime.

But while strictly focusing on the members of this association, there’s Motor Mechanics and Technicians Association of Nigeria (MOMTAN); whose neglect can make whatever progress one gains on NATA an incomplete project.

In-between the two notable vehicle repair associations in Nigeria are numerous Independent Vehicle Repair Workshops; whose owners are yearning to be duly identified with their counterparts in the Nigerian Automotive Industry.

Meanwhile, it is in order to give all stakeholders fair and equal attentions that we rebrand this Platform to: Nigerian Automotive Technicians & Allies (NATA) News.

In this Project, the following are our core partners:

11 Plc (formerly Mobil Oil Nigeria Plc)

Eterna Plc

Beacon Oil Limited

Golden Stone Limited (Distributors of Micking Oil in Nigeria)

Forte Oil Plc

MRS Oil Nigeria Plc

Ammasco International Oil

Nigeria Automobile Technicians Association

Motor Mechanics and Technicians Association of Nigeria

National Union of Road Transport Workers

Road Transport Employers Association of Nigeria

Federal Road Safety Commission

State Governments Traffic Regulatory Agencies/Authorities